The Faces Behind the Lens

Meghan Taylor

Hi Friends!!

I'm a Coffee Obsessed, Hot Mess, Dog Mom! But more importantly, I am a portrait photographer! What can I say I like people, and I love photographing them even more!

Weddings are my absolute fave!! why? Well, the decor, the details, everyone is dressed to impress, the heartfelt moments that, yes I still get weepy at, and I get to attend a party every weekend, and lastly, I am just obsessed and always inspired, when I start editing your gallery my chest is just on fire from the absolute beauty we created!

How I got started

I was introduced to photography through my dad! I was always his assistant on shoots, and at weddings. In my teenage years, my friends and I would spend hours doing our hair and make-up so we could go run around and do photoshoots for new My Space profile pics LOL! Fast forward to 2017 when I started working for a senior portrait photography company and I was hooked, I knew exactly what I had to do! I spent so much time learning everything I could from Camera use to lighting and all of the above, every Image I took, I criticized it so I knew what I needed to do to make it better!

Then I started shooting weddings with my friend Kathleen! After every wedding I would be exhausted but still found myself wanting to photograph more! When I got my first wedding I was surprised at how I wasn't a nervous wreck, I was ready to go!! and Now here I am doing my damn thing!!

My Approach

When I work with clients, my top priority is making sure they feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera. I love capturing candid moments and using poses that bring out their personality and look natural.

Meet Your Second!


I feel so lucky to have a really special friend who's been part of my photography team for a while now. We just click and work together seamlessly, and she's an essential part of our crew. Her skills and expertise are truly amazing, and she really helps us give our clients the best possible experience. When she's behind the lens, we capture the most incredible, heartfelt moments that will leave you beaming from ear to ear. Together, we're unstoppable!